Istanbul is beyond your walls… Start your own odyssey…

Real exploration of the city is possible by envisaging a life beyond your walls. The city is an ageless historiographer, a wise organism hiding countless stories in its memory… Do something different, something unsual… Acquire a new vision.

Istanbul Expat Center:
*  organizes city tours and daily trips in Istanbul,
*  organizes daily trips to places around Istanbul where cultural, natural and magical secrets are awaiting adventurers,
*  organizes trips around Turkey.

We also help you arrange your itineraries and settle all details of your holiday.

So…Wanna go on small daily trips or weekend holidays around Istanbul with your family and friends? Wine museums by the countryside, horse-riding, undiscovered beaches, historically remarkable villages, skiing… Let us discover your interests and organize an itinerary for you, your friends and family…

To be informed about Istanbul Expat Center organizations as well as about the magical Anatolian corners, please contact us.

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