A Handbook for Living in Turkey

A Handbook for Living in Turkey by Pat Yale, Drawings by Trici Venola.
(Çitlembik/Nettleberry Publications, 2006. Language: English).

Ever thought of moving to Turkey and weren’t quite sure what living there would be like? Coming to Turkey for work and wonder how easy it will be to adapt and what you may be unable to buy? Already living in the country but feeling bamboozled by the paperwork and unsure how to set about buying a car? Then this is the book for you. Written by a woman who has made the country her home and drawing on the experiences of other expats from all round the country A Handbook for Living in Turkey sets out to unravel the mysteries of being a foreign resident in a country whose language and culture are very different from those of most of its new settlers. From choosing the best location in which to put down roots to writing a will; from buying and restoring a house to navigating the Turkish education system; from socializing with neighbors to paying a speeding fine; and from tracking down an old marble fountain to volunteering in a hospital, this book examines every aspect of everyday life in Turkey and offers practical ideas for making it easier. Each chapter comes with word lists to help non-Turkish-speakers navigate the system while the appendices are a treasure-trove of addresses and contact details for everything from estate agents and relocators to pet shops and tennis clubs.

How does one really get to know a place and its people? Live there, work there, and restore an old house! The good, bad, surprising and delightful all come to the surface as keen-eyed ex-Lonely Planet guidebook author Pate Yale so fluently explains them in A Handbook for Living in Turkey, a must-read for anyone dreaming of living or buying property in Turkey. Far more than just an entertaining personal account, Ms. Yale draws on the experience of expat residents throughout Turkey to explain the pleasures practicalities and pitfalls for non-Turks. This is the owner’s manual for your new life in Turkey.
–Tom Brosnahan, author of turkeytravelplanner.com and Turkey, Bright Sun, Strong Tea

Everything you need to know to live successfully in Turkey but didn’t ask because you didn’t know who to ask. Pat Yale has comprehensively and excellently come to your rescue. Fantastic.
–Barbara Nadel, author of Belshazzar’s Daughter and other crime books.

(The above-quoted texts are taken from the official website of Çitlembik/Nettleberry Publications.)

Click here to buy the book.


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