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  1. Nur Bilen Ergönül dedi ki:

    On cherche une jeune fille au pair pour mes deux fils ages 6 et 8 ans et qui sont eleves en ecole primaire de Lycee Pierre Loti en echange de chambre, du repas et l’argent de poche.

  2. Victoria dedi ki:

    I live on the Asian side of Istanbul and I work at a Primary school. I am thinking of getting a tutoring student, so if there is anyone who would be interested in it and lives in Kadikoy area, please email me on:

  3. mollyscafeistanbul dedi ki:

    looking for musicians to play accoustically in my small cafe in galata. any kind of music is fine, except for hard rock >: contact me for details.

  4. Diana Jaramillo dedi ki:

    Private sessions of yoga therapy, breathing therapy, free movement and counseling.

  5. Stuart Kline dedi ki:

    Looking for Turkish – English translation / editing work. Have numerous books and trade publications to my credit. Reasonable rates. Thanks for your interest. 0542 319 90 75

  6. Kayla Alvis dedi ki:

    Hello Everyone. I am a native English speaker (American), I hold a TEFL certificate and a BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi. I am beginning to give private lessons in Istanbul.( conversational practice, tutoring for school or help with papers, emails, etc.) If you, or anyone you know is interested please contact me via email –

  7. English Affairs dedi ki:

    English Affairs is looking for English Native Speakers for Business English lessons. Please send your CV to:

  8. English Affairs dedi ki:

    English Affairs, a language consultancy is currently looking for English Native Speakers for Business English lessons in Atakent, please if you are interested send your CV to:

  9. John Mazuroski dedi ki:

    To All Parents interested in their children (grades 2 to 5) participating in the arts. Next Saturday, September 25th, is your final chance to bring your child to the drama class without any obligation. After class then you can decide if you would like your child to continue. The course for grade 2 and 3 begins is from 10 am to 12. The course for grades 4 and 5 is from 12 to 2.
    The course will take place at CADDE DANS & ORGANİZASYON VE ÇOCUK PARTİ EVİ BAĞDAT CAD. KAZIM ÖZALP SOK. ÖZALP APT. BAHÇE GİRİŞİ NO:39 ŞAŞKINBAKKAL adresinde yapilacaktir. (Sahilden Saskinbakkal sapagindan girildiginde sag kolda, Bagdat Caddesi tarafindan Boyner’in sokagindan girildiginde sol kolda kalmaktadir)
    I am also pleased to announce that this Sunday, September 26th, a course will open on the European side in Levent. Danstüdyo Levent is located at Talatpaşa Caddesi Bacadibi Durağı No:7 Kat:2 Deniz. Apt 1.Levent . Class for 4th and 5th graders is from 11 to 1. Class for 2nd and 3rd graders is from 1 to 3. The first class is without obligation. After the first class then you and your child can decide if you would like to continue.

  10. John Mazuroski dedi ki:

    If you are interested in the drama courses for children, please contact

  11. Rainer Seimet dedi ki:

    I am a native speaker of German and have been teaching German for several years in many different countries. Now I am looking for a school interested in employing me as a part-time teacher.
    I am multilingual myself and love learning and teaching languages. In recent years I specialised on conversation classes with students who have got an intermediate level of German.
    Please send an email to the following address if you are interested:

    Thanks a lot!!!

  12. Eva Chaidemenou dedi ki:

    I am an educational consultant and I currently work for a Greek company, however it is my wish to relocate to Turkey in order to expand my professional horizons and target a larger market. I offer a number of years in teaching and student consulting and I believe that my experience and education will enable me to use my skills in my new working environment.

    I have lived in the UK for a number of years and this is where I got both my BA and MA in Literature and Linguistics. I have been working as a Teacher of English (private lessons, schools in Greece and abroad, British Council in Warsaw), Editing (Express Publishing, MM Publications) and Consulting (Study Abroad Athens).

    I am therefore looking for job opportunities in Istanbul that will enable me to progress and excel.
    Should you wish to have a look at a detailed CV of mine please do not hesitate to provide me with an e-mail address where I can send it to. I appreciate your time and look forward to receiving your thoughts.
    Thank you


  13. Istanbul Premiere dedi ki:

    Dear Expats,

    Are you working hard? Wanna be the Boss and have fun?
    Istanbul Premiere invites you to the CEO & CORPORATE HOS PARTY!

    Let your hair down, be naughty, and cut loose in the ultimate ‘work environment’

    Dress up and come! Guys can use an old tie and girls can come as sexy secretaries!!!

    – BEER 4 TL 0,3 CL – 6 TL 0,5 CL.
    – VODKA DRINKS – 10 TL.
    – MOJITO – 15 TL.
    – WHITE RUSSIAN – 15TL .

    – TEQUILA/SEX ON THE BEACH/VODKA SHOT– 3 TL from the sexy waitress and 5TL on the terrace.

    – Free Jelly Shot included in entrance.

    Entrance: 10 TL
    ANK Teras
    İstiklal C. Tel S. No:29 TÖMER Binası Teras Katları Beyoglu, Turkey!/event.php?eid=120119164711105

  14. Suzan Ata dedi ki:

    Hi everyone, I am owner of Indian/Pakistan Garments&Jewellery shop at Etiler-İstanbul. All foreigns are wellcome to drink metting coffee at our shop. Me & my staff speak fluent English. Have a nice day.

  15. Michal Kolek dedi ki:

    Hi/privjet/cześć !

    I am a male English speaker and teacher, native Russian and Polish speaker who lives currently in Istanbul close to 4.Levent.
    For the moment, I’m doing my studies at Koc University as an exchange student, and I will give private lessons in three languages.
    I provide highly costumized lessons with your goals in mind. I’m a highly experienced teacher in giving lessons on coversation, writing, reading.
    I have all the necessary materials for the courses who might take place at your appartment or mine. The price will depend on the place of the courses.
    You can contact me from my e-mail and my phone:
    0 531 919 89 64

  16. Karaca Borar dedi ki:

    The WORKS, ”Objects of Desire” is located at Faikpaşa Cad. No: 6/1, Çukurcuma-Beyoğlu. (Diagonally behind Taksim First aid Hospital and/or first right past Galatasaray Hamam and Greek Embassy)

    This is a an ex-pat, foreigner friendly flea market full of out of ordinary objects and furniture. You can also be helped with your questions, directions and expert recommendations concerning antique and flea market items and other topics.

    French and English fluently spoken or just stop for a chit chat and an afternoon drink on the house..

    Karaca Borar..

  17. Sule Arkis dedi ki:

    Dear all,

    Have a break. Learn to dance Argentinian Tango!!! With organizators of International Tango Festival !

  18. Ugur Yasin Asal dedi ki:

    Dear JCI Megapol Members and Candidate Members,

    We are at the end of 2010. It was a unique and a successful year for JCI Megapol chapter because 2010 was the first year of JCI Megapol as an affiliated chapter.

    There was a great effort of our beloved Founder President, our Leader Ms. Oyku Iyıgun.
    She’s been working very hard for two years to setup a systematic structure, complete the establishment process and make strategic planning of the chapter with the members.

    Now, it is time to pass the presidency flag to our EVP, Mr. Muhammed Sivri.

    Like all JCI traditions, this handover ceremony will be a final dinner of the year, for congratulating the success of the chapter, being together and having fun!

    “President Hand-Over Ceremony” will be organized on 22nd of January 2011!

    Fix Menu: 60 TL

    Time: 20.00

    Venue: Pucciplus /

    RSVP: Ugur Yasin ASAL / / Gsm: 0536 446 62 12

    Please save the date on your agendas

    Best Regards,

    Ugur Yasin ASAL

    JCI Megapol

    Secretary General’11

  19. Figen Bico dedi ki:

    Ayur Ki
    Energy / Massage

    Relax your mind and the suffering will pass

    *Utilizing the body to relax the mind * Connecting the heart * To heal the spirit … spirit harmonizing Body, Mind & Heart …

    *conscious healing touch promotes deep relaxation, releases blockages and tension within the physical, mental, emotional bodies.

    Figen Bico
    Turkish American
    Ayur Balance Massage/Energy Therapist
    Lifelong Learning Coach

    0531 835 1897

  20. Happy Biccies dedi ki:

    Dear All,

    Contact Happy Biccies to order your dream biscuits and learn how to make them yourself. Workshops are both for adults and kids over 5 years old. You can suggest your own day if you have a group of 4.

    Thank you

  21. I kounda dedi ki:

    I’m an experienced English teacher in Istanbul.I’m also an Arabic and French native teacher. I would like to give French or Arabic private lessons (also English) in my home.all levels and ages.

    Please contact me if you’re interested.

    The rates are reasonable.

  22. Rosebud dedi ki:

    Renting Summer House in Canakkale,
    For native English speaking families or retired couple Semi-detached house 4+1
    20 steps away from the beach.
    For further information please mail

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