Dear All,

On behalf of Istanbul Expat Center, I delightfully welcome you to the brand new life awaiting you in Istanbul. Our firm is established upon the notion of bringing together the expats in this finely cosmopolitan city and forming a social network appealing to members of different cultures, nations and ethnic groups. This multicultural and polyphonic approach has inspired us to construct an organizational structure which allows our friends and clients to gather within our framework, exchange experiences and seek the most reliable solutions throughout their stay in this glamorous city.

Upon this vision, our mission is to provide our multicultural friends and clients with the necessary support making the optimum delight and comfort accessable in the most practical possible way.

Once more welcoming you to the 2010 European Capital of Culture, we offer all the professional and non-professional support to transform your stay here into a memorable and joyful experience of a lifetime.

Kind regards,

Başak Ergil

Managing Director of Istanbul Expat Center
Relocation and Intercultural Communication Consultant

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If you would like to join our group or individual Turkish lessons as well as to our online Turkish classes, please contact us at basak@istanbulexpatcenter.com

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Stop by our Istanbul page to find out about highly recommended books about Istanbul, most remarkable landmarks & venues and useful practical info.


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