2010…. A time more impossible than ever to follow what is on in town… However, taking intercultural and crosscultural communication as the focus of our perspective, we provide our friends and clients with some information about the events we deem most recommendable. This, however, may sound (and actually is) a bit subjective but our main criterion is to let you know about the happenings and events which, as a whole, are representative of the cosmopolitan mosaics of the city… We try to find out the points where we can together observe the self-image of Istanbul created by the cultural steps taken in it. Hope you enjoy it all…

To view a list of Art Galleries and their contact info, please click here.


  • Akbank Jazz Festival will take place between 23 September – 12 October. For those who are interested in the event, the programme and tickets are available at the following link:


  • EXHIBITION AT SSM: (June 5 – September 26, 2010 )Legendary Istanbul – From Byzantion to Istanbul: 8000 Years of A Capital. Click here to read more…


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  1. mollyscafeistanbul dedi ki:

    this week at molly’s cafe
    Wed. Sept. 22 9 – 11pm lucky losers again for the last time
    this tme georg (accordion) and francis (violin) will be joined by natalia (harp) and perhaps assorted others for a lively evening to get you thinking about the weekend! 10 lira for the music.

    Fri. Sept. 24 7:30 pm Barbara Nadel book talk
    Barbara Nadel has graciously agreed to come to Molly’s Cafe to give a book talk. The following came from Wikipedia: Barbara Nadel has written twelve books in her series about Çetin İkmen, a chain-smoking and hard-drinking detective on the Istanbul police force, and his colleagues Mehmet Süleyman, Balthazar Cohen and Armenian pathologist Arto Sarkissian. These have been translated into a number of languages, including Turkish, as well as being released as Audio books in English and German. Be sure to come to hear and speak with Barbara about her books.

    Sat. Sept. 25 4:30 pm Poetry Reading has been postponed. stay tuned.

    Sat. Sept. 25 9 to 11 pm Bilal Karaman jazz!
    I am very excited that Bilal will play at Molly’s Cafe again. He is a great guitarist, so if you missed him when he was here before, come this time, as it is not always that you get to hear jazz in such an intimate environment. 10 lira for the music.

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